Lecture Topic/Slides Slides Assignment
1  Introduction to Networking [pdf]
2 Physical Layer: Software Define Radio Modulation/ Demodulation (Basics) [pdf] Setup SDR Radio[guide]
3 Physical Layer Software Defined Radios (Deep Dive) [Notes] GNU radio Models [zip]
Implement FM Demodulator [code]
4 Physical Layer Decoding NOAA
Satellite Packet
[pdf] Python Program for decoding NOAA Satellite Packets [Manual, code, test files]
5 Computer Networks and the Internet [pdf]  Wireshark Lab: [Getting Started]
6 Protocol Layers and Their Service Models I [pdf]  Wireshark Lab: [HTTP_v6.1]
7 Protocol Layers and Their Service Models II [pdf]  Wireshark Lab: [DNS_v7.0]
Dukes DNS Primer [pdf]
8  Programming the Application Layer [pdf] Basic UDP AND TCP Clients [code]
Implement an email spoofer [pdf, code and VM]
9  Transport Layer I [pdf]  Wireshark Lab: [UDP_v7.0]
10  Transport Layer II  ↑
11  Transport Layer III  ↑  Wireshark Lab: [TCP Lab]
12  Transport Layer IV  ↑
13  Network Layer  I  [pdf]  Wireshark Lab: [IP Lab]
Subnet Worksheet
14  Network Layer  II  ↑  Wireshark Lab: [NAT Lab]
15  Network Layer III  ↑  Wireshark Lab: [DHCP, ICMP Lab]
16  Link Layer  I  [ppt]
17  Link Layer  II  ↑ Wireshark Lab: [ARP Lab]
18  Mobile & Wireless Networks  I  [ppt]  Project Part I
19  Mobile & Wireless Networks  II  ↑
20 Mobile & Wireless Networks  II  ↑  Project Part II
21 Security In Computer Networks I  [ppt]
22 Security In Computer Networks II  ↑  Project Part II
23 Security In Computer Networks II  ↑
24  Demo Day  Demo Day