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8)  Redesigning the Online Video Lecture Player to Promote Active Learning
Ian Walk, Arnold Yim, Ed Novak, Charles Reiss, Daniel Graham FIE 2020 (PDF)


7)  Real-Time Encoding/Decoding For Pairwise Communication Over An Unreliable Sensor Network
Daniel Graham, Arnold Yim, Gang Zhou, Weizhen Mao SensorNets 2019 (PDF)


6) Prototyping Wearables: a Code-First Approach to Designing Embedded Systems
Daniel Graham, Gang Zhou
IEEE Internet of Things Journal, 2016 (PDF) [Video]

5) Can Software Project Maturity Be Accurately Predicted Using Internal Source Code Metrics?
M Grechanik, N Prabhu, D Graham, D Poshyvanyk, M Shah
International Conference on Machine Learning and Data Mining (MLDM’16), (PDF)


4) A Smartphone Compatible SONAR Ranging Attachment for 2D Mapping
Daniel Graham, Gang Zhou, Ed Novak, Jeffrey Buffkin
IEEE Internet of Things Journal, 2015 (PDF) [Video],[Github]

3) A Software-Based SONAR Ranging Sensor For Smart Phones 
Daniel Graham, George Simmons, David T. Nguyen, Gang Zhou
IEEE Internet of Things Journal, 2015 (PDF) [Video],[Github]

2) Towards an EEG-based brain-computer interface for online robot control

Yantao Li, Gang Zhou, Daniel Graham, Andrew Holtzhauer
Springer Multimedia Tools and Applications, 2015 (PDF)


1) Discrete-time Markov Model for Wireless Link Burstiness Simulations
Yantao Li, Daniel Graham, Gang Zhou, Xin Qi, Shaojiang Deng, Di Xiao
Springer Wireless Personal Communications, 2013 (PDF)