Writing a Final Paper

Your final paper should be fun and give you a chance to explore a networking topic of your choosing. Write a 2 paper on networking topic of your choosing. https://www.ieee.org/conferences/publishing/templates.html.  (The paper must follow the IEEE format or ACM format). The page count does not include the bibliography.  Looking forward to seeing what topics you explore.

If you write 3 pages you will receive 10 percent for writing an additional page.

You can choose any topic.

Here are a couple suggestions

  1. p4. https://p4.org/
  2. Software-Defined Networking.
  3. You can also suggest a new idea or research direction. ( I like these the most because they are truely something that I haven’t seen before.)

Your Final Project is due on Dec 10th 2022 at 11:59pm.

As additional opportunity for 15% extra credit is Write a assignment on DHTs.  (Excited to see what someone will create. This is not as easily as it looks).

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