Project Check-In

Welcome to your first project check-in.

During this lab, your team will pair up with another team. At the beginning of this lab, we assigned each team a number. Odd-numbered teams will pair up with even number teams. If we have a team left-over they will join the team that was assigned the highest number.


During this lab, each team will demo their app to there partner team.  The partner team will then evaluate another team via a secret written ballot.  Each team member will vote by providing a score between 1 and 5. The average score will be assigned to the team.

1.  No progress, it will be impossible to complete the project by the end of the class.

2. Limited progress, it will take significant effort to complete the project by the end of class.

3. Average progress, with effort, it will be possible to complete the project by end of the class, but the project will most likely be buggy and unpolished.

4.  Untrack, the team had made significant progress. With continued work, they will be able to complete a polished project.

5. Exceptional. This score is reserved for teams in the top 1%. who have made exceptional progress and will have a polish project at the end of the class.


To complete your submission, write a list of the 5 things that the team would need to increase their score by one.