Learning Resources

This section of my site contains list of learning resources that I have found to be extremely informative over the years.

Embedded Systems Training

The Barrgroup training: [Embedded System Training in a Box]

Startup Advice

Things I will tell my kids if they become entrepreneurs by Laurent Haug [Slides]

Interview Coding Practice

Leetcode.com [Site]

GeeksforGeeks.org [Site]

Google’s Technical Guide.

Great list of free online classes [Site]

Deep Learning Resources

Deep Learning Tutorial Wiki [Wiki]
Deeplearning.net [Site]
List of most cited deep learning papers [Site]

DSP resources


(Free) MIT DSP Course [Site]

Software Define Radio Resources

Universal Radio Hacker [Site]

Great Machine Learning and Algorithms Courses

(Free) Machine Learning (Stanford) [Class]
(Free) Algorithms (Stanford) [Part 1] [Part 2]

Researchers I admire

Jelani Nelson [Site]

 Douglas Densmore [Site]

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