Final Project Software-Defined Networking (Draft)


  1. You can work on this project in groups of two.
  2. You will submit a zip file containing your solution. Ensure that the solution to each section is in its own folder labeled. Section 1, Section 2 & Section 3 respectively.

Goals Learning OpenFlow and FloodLight:

For the Final Project, you will be implementing

  1. Hub
  2. Self Learning Switch
  3. Router

 Section 1: Getting Setup (20 points)

  1. Read the OpenFlow Standard. Section 1-4.
  2. Watch the Video by Nick Feamster  on install and setting up Mininet
  3. Setup Floodlight by following these instructions:
  4. Create a floodlight module by following these instructions:

Section 2: Implement a Self-learning switch (40 points)


Section 3: Implement a Router (60 points)