Project Check In I


  1. This is no longer a group You will work on the project on an individual basis.
  2. The Project is Due on April 26. You will submit the project by uploading an unlisted video, pizza forum so that your fellow students will be able to see your hard work.

Project Description (Shark Tank Style)

At the end of the class, you will upload an unlisted youtube video demo of your app shark tank style.  (7 minutes tops)

Now is the time to let your creativity shine!

The domain (i.e. what the app will do) is totally up to you. We find students enjoy projects more when they are invested in what the project actually does / means for them. So, here’s your opportunity to build the app of your dreams!… within reason, of course… you only have a few weeks.

And you can’t do a Bucket List app or anything that’s basically just a list with an info page for each item. You HAVE to branch out and do something substantively different. Not that you can’t have features in this space, but there has to be enough to establish that it is a wholly different project from the mini-app assignments.

Need ideas? Email  Prof. Graham! We can definitely think of something interesting!

Features and Rubric

There are no feature restrictions. Use this an opportunity to build something interesting and useful.  Your classmates will download and use your app, focus on creating stable MVP.

We will rate your project using the following criteria on a scale of 1 to 10

  1. Creative Idea
  2. Stable Project does not crash no bugs
  3. Well design User Interface (Beautiful)
  4. Creative use of animations.
  5. Does what it says.

Total points 50.

Once you’ve completed your project you’ll upload an unlisted video to YouTube, you will also publish your app using expo’s publish feature. Your video and publish link will then be placed in a Collab quiz, where all your fellow students will go through and rate your app based on the criteria above. Think of it as a star score that you would get in the app-store.



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