Mobile Development in React

Office Hours Mon & Wed 4:00pm to 6:30pm

Midterm 1 Feb 25

Final Project Resources [FinalProjectDoc]  [Design Files]

This Git Repo Contains the code from the in class coding exercises :[Git Repo]
Recommended Software:  Visual Studio Code (Mac, Windows, Linux)
Design Software: Sketch (Mac) | Lunacy (Windows)

Free EDU version of Sketch [link]

Lectures Topic Slides Assignment Reading/Snacks
1 – 2 Introduction to Javascript
(Deep Dive)
[PDF] [Notes]
3 Reactive Design Paradigm
Introduction to React
[PDF] [Cat Facts]
4 Targeting Multiple Platforms
Introduction to React Native
And Expo
[PDF] [Demo APP 1 ]
[Demo Flex Box]
[Demo Splash Screen]
5 Layout Architecture 
Scroll View & List Views
[PDF] Project 1 Stock Price [Scroll View Snack]
[Animation Snack]
6 Navigation Architectures I
Stack/ Draw Navigation Part I
[PDF] [Stack Navigation]
7 Navigation Architectures II
Draw Navigation Part II
   ↑ [Tab Navigator Snack
[Tab Nav w/ Icons]
[Navigation Draw]
[Styling Header Opt]
8 Component Architecture 
Expo Components Part I
9 Component Architecture 
Expo Components Part II
  ↑ [Map Snack]
[GPS location Snack]
10 Real Time Databases I [PDF] [Firebase Code Lab]
11 Real Time Databases  II [PDF] [No More Confusion Firebase App Code]
12 Secure Storage [PDF] [Secure Storage]
13 Authentication [PDF] [Facebook Login Snack]
14 Data Flow Architectures
Redux Part I
[PDF] [Redux I]
15 Data Flow Architectures
Redux Part II
[PDF] [Redux II (Draft)  ]
16 Pub/Sub Architecture
[PDF] [Notification don’t work in Simulator See AckeePod Repo]
17 RealTime Analytics/Monitoring [PDF]
18 Deploying  & Testing [PDF]
19 Embedded Ecosystems [PDF]
20 Simple Android App [PDF] [Github]
21 Willow Tree Guest Lecture [PDF]
22 Embedded Kernels [PDF]
23 Animations in React-Native I [PDF] [Setup]
24 Anima [PDF]

Check Guide Line You will see you scores reflected on Collab:

Check Times: Thursday 6:30pm to 8:00pm Rice 414 

For the last three check you will need to signup via google sheets starting April.  Groups will be seen in the order that they signed up. 

You will have 10 minutes to demo the features.  Show the description of the features and point and the ta will record you name and the features.

So if you sign up first you get see at 6:30pm if you sign up 4th you get seen at 7:10 and so on.  You will only be see during your time.

Date  Group Points  Individual Points
Feb 14  25  50
Feb 21 50  75
Mar 7 75 100
Mar 14 (Spring break) 100  125
Mar 21 125 150
Mar 28 135 160
April 4 145 170
April 11 155 180
April 18 175 200

Project 0 (Individual) : 5%
Project 1 and Firebase Exercise (Individual):  5%

Big Project:
Project Group (Pairs of Two): 30%
Project Individual (Individual) : 50%

Midterm 1: 10%

Great Resources: