Ethical Hacking

Work In Progress [Lab Manual]

Lecture Topic/Slides Assignment
1  Introduction  Sign Ethics Statement/ Read Paper
2 Virtual Machines (Crash Course)  Setup Lab Environment [Lab]
3 Networking (Crash Course I)  Wireshark: [HTTP, DNS, ARP Lab]
4 Networking (Crash Course II)  DNS Reflection/Homework
5 The Dark Web (Tails, Tor)  Tails Lab
6  X86 (Crash Course)  GDB Lab
7  Reverse Engineering Malware  IDA Pro Lab
8  Binary Exploits (NOOP Slide)  Narina labs: [0-2]
9 TCP/UDP reverse shell Implement a reverse shell
10 Web Vulnerabilities I  Cross Site Scripting Lab
11  Web Vulnerabilities II Client State Manipulation and Cross Site Forgery Labs
12   Web Vulnerabilities III  SQL Injection: [SQLMap Lab]
13  Scanning I  Open Source Intelligence Lab [Maltego]
14  Scanning II OSWAP ZAP, OpenVAS, & Nikto Lab
15 Mobile Vulnerabilities and tools Nethunter and Android Lab
16  Intro to Metasploit I Metasploit Lab I [Armitage]
17  Intro to Metasploit II Metasploit Lab II []
18  Social Engineering Social Engineering Lab
19 Wireless Attacks WEP/WAP Labs
20  Encryption TLS/RSA  RSA & One Time Pad Lab
21 Build your own Bot Net   Project Part II
22  Shell Code Execution Project Part III
23 Case Study [Faraday Lab]
24  Symbolic Execution