[Seiden’s:_Theoritical Computer Science Cheat Sheet]

[Link to Project Portfolio]

Feel free to use any code from the [Princeton Algorithms Code PortFolio]

Lecture Topic Slides
1  Analysis of Algorithms [PDF] 
Write Up 0 [Thur]
[PDF] [Write Up 0]
2  Union-Find [PDF] LRU Constant Time [Mon]
3 Sorting and Comparators
(+Graham Scan(NT))
[PDF] Friend Circles [Thur]
4  Merge Sort/Heap Sort [PDF] Apple Sort [Thur]
5 Quick Sort & Quick Select [PDF] Nth place loser [Mon]
6 Solving Recurrence Relations [PDF] Notes From Scribe
[Recurrence Relations I] [Recurrence Relations II]
7 Master Theorem & Karatsuba (NL)  (Solve multiple) [PDF1]
[Recitation Work Sheet]
1  Write up [Feb 18]
[PDF] [Write Up 1]
8 Balance Search Trees
2-3/Red Black Trees,& B-Trees
[PDF] Notes from Scribe
9 Geometric Search [PDF] Bird Scooters [Feb 25]
10 Strongly Connected Components [PDF] DDR Robot [Mar 4]
11 Back Tracking (NL) [collab] Cryptarithms [Mar 7]
12 Minimum Spanning Trees [PDF]
13 Shortest Path Dijkstra’s [PDF] Clustering [Mar 25]
14 Max Flow / Bipartite matching [PDF]
15 Radix Sorts []  Flow [Apr 8]
16 Tries []  
17 SubString Search [] Tries [Apr 11]
18 Dynamic Programming I (NL) []
19 Dynamic Programming I Shortest Path Bellman Ford [] DP problems 1(E)/ 2(H)
[Apr 15]
20 Dynamic Programming III (NL) []
21 Markov Models (NL) [] Beta Factor [Apr 18]
22 Skip Lists & Rainbow Tables (NL) []
23 Compression (NL) [] TCA Compression [Apr 25]
24 Linear Programming []
25 Intractability I
(P/ NP) & (Reductions)
[] Write Up 2 [Apr 29]
Feb 25 Midterm 1 Topics: 1 -8
April 3 Midterm 2 Topics 8 – 16

NL – New lecture

NT – Next Time

Meeting Times:

MoWe 2:00PM – 3:15PM Mechanical Engr Bldg 205

Grade Break Down

Writeup 10%
Midterm 1: 12.5%
Midterm 2: 12.5%
Final: 15%
Problem Portfolio: 50%

Break down of grading for portfolio:
Grade for portfolio is square root(number problems solved/ total number of problems) * 100 [Link to Project Portfolio]

Homeworks are due Every Monday &  Thursday at 10:00pm.  To submit follow the instruction in each Java Class in the portfolio.  There are 20 (including 3 bonus problems) implementation problems and 3 write ups.

All written homework assignments can be found on collab.
All programming homework assignments are located on To access them, please make an autogradr student account and enroll in CS 4102: Algorithms using course code: HE206Y. You are responsible for all assignments posted to this course throughout the semester. You can enroll in and begin submitting assignments even if you are on the waitlist of the class.

Office Hours:

[Office Hour Tool: Written by Maxwell Patek

Head TA: Rohit Musti:

Tuesday from 6:30 – 8:39 pm in Olsson 120
Saturday from 12:00(noon) – 2:00 pm in Olsson 120
Office Hours
Wednesday from 6:00 – 10:00 pm in Rice 504
Sunday from 12:00 – 2:00 pm, 6:00 – 8:00 pm in Rice 504

Please contact for any issues with your grade or questions about course logistics

Daniel Graham Rice 411
Monday & Wednesday 4pm – 6pm


If you sign up for this class  off of the waitlist, you are responsible for all homework assignments that were due before you enrolled in class.  You will receive an appropriate extension on Assignment 0, however you will not receive extensions on the programming assignments. You do not need to be on the class roster to access the programming assignments, thus you are responsible for completing them and turning them in on time through the tool.

Students with disabilities or learning needs

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